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23rd Annual Christmas Gift Outreach

The Christmas season will soon be upon us!  We will be busy doing things to make this a wonderful and memorable time for the people near and dear to us.  Would you prayerfully consider sharing with some of our less fortunate neighbors this special time of year?

As you may know, City Church has adopted the Packer Townhouse and Northport Apt. neighborhoods on Northport Drive in Madison.  We want to show these neighborhoods God’s love in practical ways.  Many of the families there struggle every day to make ends meet, so there is little left for Christmas presents. 

A Christmas letter has been delivered to each home in the two neighborhoods.  The letter invites them to participate in this outreach by filling out a form with their gift requests. Each individual in the household, young and old, may request a gift. There is a $35 limit per person.

Now, we would like to invite you to participate as well.  Would you consider shopping, wrapping or delivering the gifts to their homes?  Or, if none of the above is ‘your thing’, you may choose to just donate money for someone else to do the shopping and wrapping for you!  The gifts will be delivered to the Northport Apts. and the Packer Townhouses on Saturday, Dec 17th.

Sign up now in the hall at City Church! Would you like to help with deliveries on Dec 17? Please let us know! Thanks!

By participating in our biggest outreach of the year, you are showing these neighborhoods God’s love in a practical way.    

Contact us now to find out how you can get involved! 

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