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Reverse Advent = a little box of joy

Turn the days after Christmas into an exercise in giving. 

Rather than receiving a gift each day, an Advent calendar with a twist invites you to join in the spirit of giving! A reverse Advent calendar goes above and beyond the normal festive traditions of December. Instead, it encourages an act of kindness and generosity every day. As we count down to Christmas, be part of this heart-warming experience; share the joy and give back with our Reverse Advent Calendar!

Screenshot 2023-11-21 101408.png

Why and When

Your little box of joy should be dropped off post-Christmas. We'll be available in the week between Christmas and New Year's for deliveries. When it suits you, come by on Tuesday 12/26 between 1-6pm, Thursday 12/28 from 4-6pm, or Friday 12/29 from 9-1pm. If those times don’t work, let's schedule an appointment. We're attached to Lighthouse Church and School on Schroeder!

Need a shopping list?

Download this printable. 

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